Austrian IoT Day

Am 4.11.2015 findet der Austrian IoT Day statt.

Stattfinden wird das Event im MuseumsQuartier Wien. Erwartet werden mindestens 500 Besucher. Wir von der Lunifera GmbH sind mit dabei beim organisieren und freuen schon auf euer kommen.

Weitere Details:


Hacking OSGi’s bundle resolving

Last week, we ran into troubles when deploying our system via Equinox P2: All of a sudden, our DSLs simply didn’t work after the installation of the system into a new Eclipse – the DSL projects didn’t request the Xtext nature, and Eclipse didn’t open the appropriate editor without displaying any error message. Big showstopper! A look…


Xmas Tree 2014 is online

With December just begun, we are happy to announce that the 2014 incarnation of our MQTT Xmas Tree is now online. Feel free to try it out here! How did we do it? Well, it consists of three main parts (not counting the tree itself): a RaspberryPi that controls the LED band on the tree and…


Work, work, work

At the moment, we have so much to do … getting this website up and running (welcome btw!), preparing a webinar in cooperation with Vaadin, embellishing an MQTT-based messaging app and many more. What we put the most effort into right now is a performance boost for our Entity DSL. This Domain Specific Language can be…