At the moment, we have so much to do … getting this website up and running (welcome btw!), preparing a webinar in cooperation with Vaadin, embellishing an MQTT-based messaging app and many more.

What we put the most effort into right now is a performance boost for our Entity DSL. This Domain Specific Language can be used to quickly define business entities – it automatically generates the needed Java classes with all appropriate persistence information. It works really well – but we just found out that it doesn’t scale too well: With huge models (and lots of them, and lots of cross-references), scoping and resolving takes minutes. Too much!

So we are currently working on a cache for resolved Xtext links. It is just beginning to work: An experiment with 200 inter-related entity model files showed that the resolution time can be reduced from three minutes to under a second. Wow!

Now we have to build on this approach. Let’s hope that we can make it work in all cases!